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 Certified Fraud Examiners/CFE - Forensic Accounting - Audit / Internal Controls Specialists

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Since 1991  


* Forensic Accounting Financial Statement Reconstruction / Verification Services - GAAP / GAAS
* Forensic Accounting/Litigation/Audit Support Investigation Services – Civil and Criminal  
* Business Vitality Enhancement - Operational Cost Controls/Productivity/Profitability Improvements
* Fraud Investigations – Financial Loss Documentation, Recovery and Prevention Services
* Transition Financial Management, Accounting and External/Internal Audit, Bookkeeping Services
* Loan Collateral, Pensioner, Accounts Receivables, Fixed Assets and Inventory Confirmations
* Identify critical internal control weaknesses to mitigate financial losses and improve company performance
* Provide business risk assessments and provide asset control and monitoring systems to prevent theft
* Asset Loss Prevention Programs – Sales/Cash Controls/Receivables, Inventory and Fixed Assets
* Business / Personal / Estate – Financial Statement Tax Returns Verification and Reconstruction
* Internal Audit Services and Theft, Impropriety, Defalcation Investigations, Fraud Weakness Evaluations
* Business / Personal / Estate – Sales/Income/Asset/Liability Verifications/Valuations/ Cash Controls
* Vendor/Supplier Contract Purchase Agreements – Profit Margin/Mark-up Compliance Audits
* Fraud Risk Assessment, Loss Prevention, Detection and Monitoring Programs
* Business Turnaround/ Loan Workout/Transition Management Staffing Service
* Sales Promotion/Market Penetration and Employee/Customer Retention Programs
* Business Profit/Loss, Break-Even, Proforma and Potential Product Cost of Sales Analysis
* Business Due Diligence Pre/Post Purchase Audits and Personal/Business Asset/Liability Confirmations
* Business Operations/Accounting/Purchasing – System Internal Controls Implementation
* Customer/Employee – Satisfaction, Service, Productivity and Sales Improvement Programs
* Internal/External – Administrative/Financial /Operational /Disability Fraud Audits
* Business Sales, Costs, Productivity, Profit, Process and Quality Improvement Programs
* Business Plans – Business and Management - Quality/Cost  - Risk/Gain Assessments
* Mergers/Acquisitions/Divestitures/Restructuring/Financial Team Building- Development
* Business/Personal/Estate Tax Filings/Audits – Income, Sales, Property, Workers Compensation
* Business Acquisition/Mergers / Divestitures/Restructuring / Synergy Evaluations
* Operations and Accounting - Relief /Temporary/Crisis Management/Transition/Start-Up Staffing
* Complete Financial Statement/Accounting, Internal Audit Services –Temporary, Short/Long Term
The associates and staff of our company are licensed professionals in the fields of Real Estate, Audit, Accounting, Finance, Economics, Forensic Audit Investigation, Legal and Business Financial Valuation.
We evaluate/implement efficient, cost effective and result oriented objectives are accomplished for our clients.  We provide professional administrative and management support and financial controls, which use various licensed, certified professionals and technical specialists.  As Business Consultants, we recognize that that our services to clients are measured by their costs, versus benefits and effectiveness and that people are the key to providing results!
Our staff takes pride in their professional abilities, standards and their capabilities to evaluate, identify problems and implement project goals with our clients, while utilizing the highest standards of quality, integrity and service in a cost effective, result oriented timely manner, to maximize the opportunity options/cost savings for their business.
                                                    CERTIFICATIONS / LICENSES / PROFESSIONAL AFFILIATIONS

Member, Institute of Internal Auditors (CIA)

Scottsdale, Arizona Chief of Police Advisory Board Member
Member, National Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (CFE) 
Member, International Association of Financial Crimes Investigators (IAFCI)

Scottsdale, Arizona Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association Board Member

Graduate of The Scottsdale Police Department Citizen Police Academy - CiPAAS
Scottsdale, Arizona Police Department Citizens Police Academy/Alumni Association (CiPAAS)
State of Arizona Licensed, Real Estate and Business / Liquor License Broker (Designated Broker, D/B)
Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) ~ City of Scottsdale Police Department Volunteer PIO/Office of the Chief

Member, Arizona Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (AZCFE) and Arizona Institute of Internal Auditors (AZCIA)

                                   People + Quality Products + $ales + Customer Service + Internal Controls = Profit$

                                     We provide and implement business management programs and services for your Business Success!!
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