(dba The Forte Trust Company)
Robert L. Stump MAM, CFE, REB 
Managing Director
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Scottsdale, AZ 85259 
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James R. Stump of General Counsel
Attorney at Law; MPA, LLM -Tax; AZ, MIs, Guam, Saipan, DC

Kimberly A. Ringle
Executive Administrative Assistant

The Forte Trust Company is not a bank or any type of financial or trust institution and is solely a business dba 

for Forte Forensic Accounting Professionals, LLC which solely operates as a Forensic Audit/Accounting,
CFE / Fraud Examination Practice.  

( dba The Forte Trust Company )
 Certified Fraud Examiners/CFE - Forensic Accounting - Audit / Internal Controls Specialists

Forte Forensic Accounting Professionals, LLC

dba The Forte Trust Company

Our associates take pride in their professional capabilities to quickly identify problems for clients and to propose and implement positive corrective solutions in a cost vs benefits effective, results oriented, timely manner.

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Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE)
2018 Report to the Nation and Global Fraud Study 
ACFE Report - Website Link below:

Our firm provides complete forensic accounting, investigation services relating to Fraud, Theft, Internal / External Audits, Financial Statement / Investment Irregularities, Financial Reconstruction Audits, Civil / Criminal Investigations and Internal Controls / Loss Prevention Reporting Programs. 

THE FIRM ASSOCIATES PROFESSIONAL BACKGROUNDS & EXPERIENCE: The Associates of our Company are Certified, Licensed and Specialists in Forensic Accounting, Audit, Finance, Economics, Fraud Investigation, Human Resources, Law Enforcement, Management and Legal Professionals. 

Professional Services Engagement by our firm:

NOTE: Services Engagement by Executed Contract Only. Please contact our office to make an inquiry about our Professional Services and/or to submit a question or advise an issue or problem that may benefit your firm to prevent or detect fraud, by using one of our Internal Controls/Audit, Fraud, Theft Prevention Programs that identify workplace Theft, Fraud and Accounting / Financial Irregularities.

Any criminal activity will reported to the respective police agency or FBI as may be applicable.


WARNING: ALL Fraud is a criminal matter. 

Following all laws, fully document of your suspected fraud situation, retain and protect original documentation and make back-up copies of your files. Contact your local police, sheriff department, FBI Office, a criminal attorney, CPA, or local CFE/Certified Fraud Examiner ASAP for your review with the appropriate parties, at your sole discretion, liability and expense of suspected fraud, theft or criminal malfeasance.

Be part of the solution, confidentially, legally report all fraud immediately to your local Police, Sheriff and FBI.

ACFE Key Finding Highlights of the 2018 Report to the Nations and Global Fraud Study:   

The Impact of Occupational Fraud 
Prior years survey participants estimated that the typical organization loses 5% of its revenues to fraud each year.

Applied to the estimated 2011 Gross World Product, this figure translates to a potential projected global fraud loss of more than $3 Trillion Dollars.

The median loss caused by the occupational fraud cases in our study was $130,000.00.

More than one-fifth of these cases caused losses of at least $1 million dollars in losses. 

Fraud Detection
The frauds reported to us lasted a median of 18 months before being detected.

50% of all Frauds were detected by a tip.

Internal Control weaknesses were responsible for nearly half of all frauds.

Occupational fraud is more likely to be detected by a tip than by any other method. 
The majority of tips reporting fraud come from employees of the victim organization.